While we often think of them as something only seen on television or in the movies, private investigators are skilled professionals that are available to almost everyone. If you will be appearing in court or are fighting a legal battle, and don’t have enough information available to you, a PI may be able to solve this issue for you.

There are numerous situations that call for a professional investigator, including:

Abuse Investigations

Child abuse and domestic violence are often hidden by the abusers, making it more difficult to prosecute. If you have survived intimate partner violence or your child has been abused, a private investigator can help you find the information that you need in order to win your case and put the abuser away. A private investigator can find additional forensic information that may be easily missed by the police, helping you to compile a more comprehensive case before going to court.

DUI Investigations
A DUI arrest does not necessarily mean a DUI conviction, and there are reasons that you can be accused of DUI even if you are not guilty. A private investigator can help demonstrate clearly what happened leading up to your arrest, such as whether the equipment was calibrated correctly, if you have consumed anything that would affect your test results, or if there was no probable cause for a traffic stop. A PI can then take the stand at trial and document their findings before a jury.

Missing Person Investigations

If you have a missing person as a friend or family member, you understand how difficult the investigation can be. If you’re struggling to find out any information about your loved one, it may be time to reach out to a Private Investigator. They may be able to help you find new leads or clues to what has happened, or work with the police as they attempt to locate your loved one.

Infidelity Investigations
A marriage that has fallen victim to infidelity can be a difficult situation for all involved. Before you file for divorce, it’s wise to have proof of the situation. A Private Investigator can do a full investigation of the situation and find the evidence that you need for your divorce hearing. This can help ensure that you retain custody of your children or are awarded the assets you deserve.

Private investigators can provide you with the information that you’re missing for your legal situation. If you need assistance, reach out to a local investigator today to learn how they can help you.

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