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Corporate and Insurance Fraud Investigations

Workers’ Compensation Fraud is an estimated $30 billion problem annually in the United States. Our team of Colorado Private Investigators is passionate about catching the guilty and exonerating the legitimately injured. At Affirm Investigations, we have Greeley and Denver Private Investigators that specialize in potential Workers’ Compensation claims.

Sub Rosa is a Latin phrase that means, “under the rose.” Sub Rosa investigations take place in secrecy, operating under the radar of the public. Many of our Affirm P.I.’s started their career investigating Workers’ Compensation cases and Sub Rosa is exactly the type of private investigator you will need for Insurance Fraud Investigations. 

Types of Fraud Cases:

  • Insurance
  • Corporate
  • Financial
  • Identity
  • Internet
  • Repair or Mechanical

Investigative Techniques used by our Greeley & Denver area Private Investigators:

  • Surveillance – Video evidence is primarily used to determine whether an individual claimant is legitimate or not.
  • Interviews – Our P.I.’s can obtain Statements from colleagues, friends, family, and other individuals to gather more information.
  • Background checks – History and pertinent information about the claimant.

Things to look for during a claim:

  • Injuries with no witnesses
  • Delays in reporting injuries
  • Delays in seeking medical treatment
  • Missed appointments
  • Injury while off of work
  • Injury with termination
  • Previous activity
  • Recent disciplinary action

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