Private Investigator Frequently Asked Questions

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Private Investigators

What is a Private Investigator?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says this: (Link)

Private Detectives and Private Investigators search for information about legal, financial, and personal matters. They offer many services, such as verifying people’s backgrounds and statements, finding missing persons, and investigating computer crimes.”

What does a Private Investigator do?

  • Search online, public, and court records to uncover information
  • Conduct surveillance
  • Investigate crimes
  • Defense investigations
  • Process service
  • Fraud investigations such as Workers’ Compensation claims
  • Conduct interviews and statements
  • Investigate cheating spouse and infidelity cases
  • Locate missing persons
  • Gather evidence for clients
  • Check criminal history
  • Undercover work

Who does a Private Investigator work for?

  • Individuals
  • Attorneys
  • Businesses
  • Counties, Cities, and Towns
  • Other Private Investigators

What equipment does a Private Detective use?

  • Computer
  • Phone
  • Video Camera
  • Camera
  • Car
  • Hidden Camera
  • Binoculars
  • Pen and Paper

Does a Colorado Private Investigator (Colorado Private Detective) need to be licensed?

  • Yes. Affirm Investigations is licensed, bonded and insured in the State of Colorado.

Wikipedia Information about Private Investigators

What is surveillance?

Surveillance remains one of the most highly effective methods in use today. It is used for all types of investigations, such as Cheating Spouse and Infidelity investigations, Fraud investigations, Workers’ Compensation investigations, Child Custody investigations and much more. Surveillance allows us to obtain and gather information while remaining in the shadows. Most surveillance is done with a High Definition (4K) Video Camera, Hidden Camera and Binoculars.

How do I know if my spouse or partner is cheating?

The most effective way to catch a cheating spouse, or cheating partner, is to hire a Private Investigator to conduct surveillance. Surveillance, with the use of Video Cameras and Hidden Cameras, is the best way to gather evidence.

Can a Private Investigator help with child custody or family issues?

Private Investigators use many investigative techniques to determine how a parent or guardian treats the child.  Investigators can monitor activity using surveillance, and document any abuse or neglect that is witnessed. P.I.’s can obtain video, and question potential witnesses or family members. With any case, Private Detectives watch for alcohol and drug abuse, criminal activity, reckless driving, and any other activity that may be detrimental to the child or to the adult.

When Do You Need a Criminal or Civil Private Investigator?

  • …accused of a crime
  • …lawsuits
  • …civil litigation (sometimes occur after a criminal trial)
  • …prior investigations have produced little or no results
  • …evidence gathering
  • …interviewing witnesses
  • …impartially examine facts about a crime or civil case

Why Do You Need a Criminal and Civil Investigator?

  • …protection from injustice
  • …criminal investigators are typically not limited by jurisdiction
  • …can obtain evidence of a wrongful conviction or accusation
  • …exclusively dedicated to the client
  • …impartial and fair

How do criminal and civil cases differ?

Crimes must generally be proved “beyond a reasonable doubt.”
Civil cases are proved by lower standards of proof such as “the preponderance of the evidence.”

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