Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is used to gather and preserve information from computers. Our computer forensics services can help with court cases or personal issues where data recovery and investigation are required.

Computer forensics is one of the services offered by us, here at Affirm Investigations. But what exactly is computer forensics, and how can it help you?

What Is Computer Forensics?

Computer forensics is the investigation and gathering of information from a computing device. The evidence that is collected is preserved in a way that is suitable for presentation in a court of law so that it can be used in either a criminal or civil case. The primary aim of computer forensics is to find out what happened on a computer and who is responsible for any actions that have been taken.

Computer forensics involves a number of different tasks. Our services include hard drive imaging for court integrity, deleted data recovery, hard drive examination, and more. If you need someone to look at your computer or its hard drive for any reason, we can help.

How Computer Forensics Can Help You

Computer forensics can be used to investigate cybercrime, but it’s also useful for a number of other purposes. You might make use of computer forensics for a civil court case, or perhaps just for personal reasons. Computer forensics can help you to recover data when you have lost important files, something that many people have experienced. You might need to make use of an investigator for computer forensics if you think that someone has hacked your computer or perhaps if someone has downloaded something that they shouldn’t have.

You can use computer forensics services to find essential information from your computer. Whether it’s for personal use or you need the evidence to be preserved and presented in the correct way for use in court, forensic computing services investigate and find the data that you need.

Why Might You Need Computer Forensics?

There are several reasons that you might need the help of a computer forensics expert. Computer forensics investigators are often required in circumstances such as:

  • Data Recovery
  • Criminal and Civil Cases
  • Civil Liability Cases
  • Criminal Cases
  • Hard Drive Imaging for Court Integrity
  • Hard Drive Examinations
  • And Much More 

When investigating a computer, and electronic sources are required, computer forensics experts go looking for the necessary data. They can perform electronic discovery to find information that may be hidden away on hard drives or within different accounts and online activity. Perhaps you need to find evidence of someone hacking your computer or something to reinforce your claim in a civil court.

Attorneys can choose to hire computer forensics investigators to assist with both civil and criminal cases. Investigators are able to work with legal teams to find the evidence that they require to support their case and present the data in the necessary way. Additionally, anyone who might be representing themselves in court can benefit from hiring a computer forensics investigator to help them find evidence.

Computer forensics is carried out in a way that preserves all material collected so that it can be presented in a court of law. Investigators do all that they can to gather the data in the right way and ensure it’s suitable for its intended purpose. They will work closely with you to carry out hard drive examination, hard drive imaging, and other services that you might require.

Personal reasons for requiring a computer forensics investigator can vary too. Perhaps you want to discover proof of infidelity from activity on your computer. You might also be having problems with your computer and you want to find and deal with cybersecurity issues. Whenever you have suspicions about what someone might have been doing on your computer or what might have happened to your computer, computer forensics can be used to investigate the problem and collect the evidence that you need.

Recover Lost Data

Data recovery isn’t always something that you need for a court case. There may be several other reasons you require a service for data recovery. Perhaps you have accidentally deleted some files that you need for work, college, or personal reasons. You might have had issues with your computer and are now worried that some important data could be lost. The data could have been deleted intentionally by someone other than you or perhaps you deleted it yourself but now want to see if it can be recovered.

If you need computer forensics services, they can also be combined with other private investigator services. Whatever your needs are, private investigators can help you with a range of investigation requirements and evidence discovery.

When you need help with investigating what’s on a computer and what actions have been taken on it, get in touch with an Affirm Investigations private investigator for computer forensics services.

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