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People generally know what integrity is, but very few can actually define it when asked. Let’s keep it simple–“Integrity is what you do or say when no one else is looking.” Integrity is developed through your own actions and learned from the actions of others. A person can claim to have integrity, but if their actions say otherwise, then questions about their character need to be asked. Often times, you hear someone claim, “you either have integrity or you don’t.” Although I believe that this is partially true, I have witnessed individuals, who at one time didn’t possess integrity, grow to become persons of integrity.

I will proudly acknowledge that there are some excellent Colorado Private Investigators and I will equally admit that Colorado has some of the best Law Enforcement investigators in the country. With that being said, I do recognize that Colorado has some unethical and immoral investigators, both in the Private and Public sectors. Every state in the country is plagued with some unethical investigators. These investigators want nothing more than to take advantage of your situation. They make money off of your pain and do nothing to help your cause. They couldn’t care less about you or what you are going through as long as you deliver the money. They’ll convince you with fancy words and an impressive resume, all the while, they suck your bank account dry and leave you bitter and hurt. I’ve heard countless stories from people about their horrible experiences with other Private Investigators or Law Enforcement agencies who haven’t done their best to serve the individual or community whose service was entrusted to them. That must stop! I have discovered over the years that many people can live with unresolved questions as long as they know that someone did their very best to seek out the answers.

The truth is, not every question can be answered, not every case can be solved and not every person can get everything they want. Investigating is more than just equipment and a license. It’s much more than that! More often than not, it has very little to do with the equipment; you have to know how to deal with people and situations. You are hiring the character, mind, knowledge and skill of the investigator. The equipment is important, but it is still a secondary asset.

Whether it’s earning the trust from you as the client, or obtaining information from a witness or claimant, not all people respond to the same approach. Some prefer a gentle approach, while others may respond well to a more assertive style. A great investigator has a talent to read people and the ability to decide which style of communication to use. Each person is unique and it is the duty of the investigator to figure out the person or people they are dealing with. It is the investigator’s absolute responsibility to treat each case with unwavering integrity, compassion, and commitment. In all my years as a Law Enforcement Officer and Private Investigator, I have interviewed thousands of people and have worked a multitude of all types of cases. Each case is distinct and every one of those cases I have worked needed to be handled differently. I don’t see my business as just dealing with the cases that come in; I look at each case knowing that there is someone in need of a resolution. It’s about the person or people involved that entrusted me with their situation.

Why Choose Us? 

I am committed to the truth and the services you require. Investigative services cost money and that is a fact we can’t ignore. If you’re going to pay for a service, wouldn’t you rather invest in someone who genuinely cares about his own integrity and you as a person? Our Mission at Affirm Investigations & Process Service is to be the most reliable and trusted Private Investigation company in Colorado.

Ron Klave

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