Why Choose Affirm Investigations
Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed

Our Mission at Affirm Investigations–to search the evidence, obtain the answers and discover the truth with integrity, determination and compassion. It’s a mission we take seriously

The truth is, not every question can be answered, not every case can be solved, and not every person can get everything they want. I have discovered over the years that many people can live with unresolved questions as long as they know that someone did their very best to seek out the answers. Investigating is more than just equipment and a license. It’s much more than that! More often than not, it has very little to do with the equipment; you have to know how to deal with people and situations. You are hiring the character, mind, knowledge and skill of the investigator. The equipment is important, but it is still a secondary asset.

Whether it’s earning the trust from you as the client, or obtaining information from a witness or claimant, not all people respond to the same approach. Some prefer a gentle approach, while others may respond well to a more assertive style. A great investigator has a talent to read people and the ability to decide which style of communication to use and which investigative technique to deploy. Each person is unique and it is the duty of the investigator to figure out the person or people they are dealing with. It is the investigator’s absolute responsibility to treat each case with unwavering commitment, compassion, and confidentiality. 

In all my years as a Law Enforcement Officer and Private Investigator, I have interviewed thousands of people and have worked a multitude of all types of cases. Each investigation is distinct and every one of those cases I have worked needed to be handled differently. I don’t see my business as just dealing with the cases that come in; I look at each case knowing that there is someone in need of a resolution. It’s about the person or people involved that entrusted me with their situation.

I am committed to the truth and the services you require. Investigative services cost money and that is a fact we can’t ignore. If you’re going to pay for a service, wouldn’t you rather invest in someone who genuinely cares about you and your situation?

Ron Klave
Owner/Lead Investigator

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