A Criminal and Civil Investigation demands the study of facts and seeks to discover the truth. Facts do not always lead to the truth and it is vital to analyze everything. It is equally important to remember that both the accuser and the accused have the right to present evidence in a court of law. The evidence gathered during an investigation can help exonerate or implicate the party or parties involved. At Affirm Investigations & Process Service, we are passionate for the truth.

When Do You Need a Criminal and Civil Investigator?

  • Accused of a crime
  • Lawsuits
  • Civil litigation occurs after a criminal trial
  • Prior investigations have produced little or no results
  • Evidence gathering for criminal or civil defense
  • Evidence gathering for a criminal or civil case
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Impartially examine facts about a crime or civil case
  • Surveillance

Why Do You Need a Criminal and Civil Investigator?

  • Protection from a potential injustice
  • Criminal Investigators are typically not limited by jurisdiction
  • Criminal Defense Investigators can obtain evidence of a wrongful conviction or accusation
  • Exclusively dedicated to the investigation
  • Impartially examine the case
  • Criminal and Civil cases differ
    • Crimes must generally be proved “beyond a reasonable doubt”
    • Civil cases are proved by lower standards of proof such as “the preponderance of the evidence”

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