Child custody cases are fiery and sometimes dirty. Both the maternal and paternal sides lodge allegations against each other that are sometimes untrue. Private Investigators can gather evidence, find the truth, and use it to prove their clients’ claims.

What are Child Custody Investigations?

Child custody investigations are an observation of the well-being and treatment of children. They are generally are a result of a custody case, separation, or a divorce.  There are multiple types of child custody, including:

  • Legal Custody: Parents can make legal decisions regarding the child
  • Physical custody: Determines whom the child resides with
  • Sole Custody: Parent has both physical and legal custody of the child. Another parent cannot make decisions but may have visitation rights
  • Joint Legal Custody: Both parents can make legal choices. In the event of a disagreement, the courts will settle the dispute.
  • Joint Physical Custody: The child splits time living between both parents.

How Do I Know If I Need a Child Custody Investigation?

If you are concerned about your child’s safety and want a peace of mind, it is a good idea to hire an investigator. If you believe the other parent is unfit or abusive, a private investigator can prove your allegations with evidence that can be used in court.  

If you have been falsely accused of abuse or neglect, a private investigator can gather evidence and prove otherwise.

Lastly, in some states, child custody investigations are required by law.

How Can We Help?

Private investigators help in many ways in child custody cases. We interview witnesses who may be involved in all aspects of the child’s life. Witnesses can include family friends, other family members, teachers, counselors, neighbors, and others. We also investigate assets to confirm if the parent is trying to avoid financial obligations.

We previously discussed gathering evidence to present in court. Private investigators determine the type of information that is relevant after meeting with their clients. The evidence could be leaving the child with grandparents during custody visits, having them in hazardous environments, and parental drug use, amongst other things. This evidence is collected and presented to the courts to help win your case.

Our teams also conduct background checks to locate potential problems in the parent and associates personal and criminal lives.

Affirm Investigations will handle your custody case confidentially and objectively. In addition to confidentiality, we treat every investigation with commitment and compassion. We understand your story, and we are committed to maintaining the integrity and keeping your trust. Contact us to discuss your needs and learn more about our services.

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