Though intangible, the truth is one of the most valuable things to have. Accurate knowledge helps us make better decisions, bolster our positions, and see situations more clearly. Even when the truth hurts, knowing the truth always helps. Whether you’re looking for information about your family, a company or the government, seeking truth isn’t easy. Affirm Investigations assists people in the Ft. Collins, CO area discover the truth about a situation and find a person who has remained hidden.

Affirm Investigations is a private investigation service in Colorado that serves locations in Colorado such as Denver, Greenley, Ft. Collins, and Loveland. Our teams everything from handle background checks to full-fledged investigations that include surveillance. Besides timeless tools like surveillance, we also have techniques for finding information from digital sources and conduct interviews as we search for the truth.

There are many situations in life where a private investigator can help you seek the truth. Business owners may want to start a fraud investigation to catch someone that’s scamming the worker’s compensation program or to discover who is behind employee theft. Knowing the truth about a spouse may save a relationship or expose infidelity that will affect divorce proceedings. Family members who are looking for a missing person can find peace of mind or get closure by hiring Affirm Investigations to discover the truth.

The talents that Affirm Investigations uses to seek the truth also work for finding people who avoid being served court documents. Some court processes require that individuals be served documents in person before legal proceedings can continue. This requirement doesn’t cause issues in most cases, but some people will skillfully avoid being served papers. Their actions can drag out court proceedings and prevent plaintiffs from getting justice.

The sheriff’s office does provide a document processing service, but it’s not always effective. Law enforcement officers have many responsibilities, so they can’t devote too much time to finding a single individual. Some people pretend they aren’t around when they see a law enforcement vehicle or uniform near their home. Similarly, it’s not uncommon for people to get their family members and friends to feign ignorance when talking to the sheriff’s office.

When you need to have documents served to someone immediately and without fail, Affirm Investigations can help. Since we are in unmarked cars and wear everyday clothing, individuals are less guarded than when dealing with law enforcement. Our investigators can devote their full attention to finding the person you’re looking for (even if that includes surveillance) and serving them with papers.

If you need help finding the truth or locating an individual in the Ft. Collins area, Affirm Investigations can make your search more efficient and effective. Send us a message online to schedule a free consultation.

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