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Evans Colorado Private Investigator

If you have never contacted an Evans Private Investigator before, here are some things you need to know:

  1. Be honest about your situation. Don’t lie to the P.I. about what is going on with your life; good or bad. You are not going to say anything that will surprise us, so be honest. If you sugar-coat the facts, we cannot give you an honest assessment of how we can help.
  2. We will not intentionally break the law. Forget about everything you’ve seen on TV about Private Investigators. At Affirm Investigations, we do not, and will not, intentionally break the law.
  3. Agreement and Retainer. Colorado law requires and Agreement to be signed between the Agency (Private Investigation Company) and the Client (You). This protects both parties involved and covers areas such as; rates, confidentiality, reporting and waivers. A retainer will likely be required prior to the case being investigated by an Evans Private Investigator. This guarantees coverage and scheduling. Paying for professional quality Private Investigators is not a bad investment.
  4. Reporting. We report the truth and facts of what we discover to you directly. If you have an attorney, we can report the information to them as well (that is up to you). We cannot force someone to do something. We cannot know for certain what a person will do on any given day. We listen to our Clients and we take into consideration your knowledge of the targeted person, but we have enough experience to know things change in an instant. Life is dynamic and fluid and we are trained to deal with events as they come to us.

Here are some examples of what an Evans Private Investigator can do for you:

  • Follow someone to see if they are being truthful
  • Investigate a crime
  • Wrongfully accused of a crime? We can investigate the circumstances and case to get to the truth
  • Cheating Spouse and Infidelity: Do you suspect your spouse or partner of cheating?
  • Investigate threats and harassment
  • Interview and obtain witness statements
  • Assist Businesses, Law Enforcement and Law Firms (Lawyers and Attorneys)
  • Much more

What we will not do or help with:

  • We will not hack someone’s phone or computer
  • We will not find an old high school fling without their knowledge
  • We will not do surveillance if there is a no contact order or protective order in effect (either party)

At Affirm Investigations, our Evans Private Investigators would love to talk to you with a free, no obligation consultation. During your call or visit, we can write down the pertinent information, explain the process, discuss fees, and select the best time to conduct the investigation.

Affirm Investigations is one of the best Private Investigation companies serving Evans, Colorado. We are trusted and affordable.

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