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A gentleman was claiming Workers’ Compensation for a back injury. After covertly receiving information that he was going to go hunting the next morning, we set up surveillance at 2:00 a.m. and followed him and his crew to the mountains several hours away from his residence. After determining his camp location, the Workers’ Compensation Fraud Investigator prepared and was able to low crawl through the Colorado woods, lay perfectly still for hours and was able to obtain video of the subject as he violated his restrictions.


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The Greeley Private Investigator was sent to another state in an attempt to locate and investigate a man who was claiming Worker’s Compensation. This case was projected by the insurance company to take about a year to complete because of its complexity and location. The private investigator located the gentleman on the first day and within a few hours, he was able to determine that the man returned back to work and had legitimately filed the necessary paperwork to return to his employment. There was a miscommunication between the employer and the insurance company. 


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A young man fell approximately six (6) feet from a scaffold and tragically died. After several days of investigation and dozens of interviews, it was determined that multiple safety violations had knowingly occurred previous to the this preventable death. The Colorado private detective read hundreds of pages of policies and procedures, photographed the entire area, secured the cooperation of the company involved, worked flawlessly with other agencies and helped the family understand what had happened. This case is an example of safety violations that were not only occurring on the day of the incident, but had become a standard practice prior to the unnecessary loss of life.


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Our Client had been dating a man she met over the internet. After about a year, he started asking for small amounts of money. Eventually, those small amounts turned into larger requests. She contacted Affirm Investigations for help. After some research, we were able to locate the fake picture he was using for his identity, as well as his real name and criminal record. The man was using a picture of an oversees actor as his profile and was even using his name. Our Client was notified of the findings and the relationship was terminated. 


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A lady contacted our Greeley Office and was concerned because her ex-husband was not paying child support because he claimed he was not working and injured. Our Client was having a difficult time financially ever since her husband left her and the kids for another woman. Surveillance was conducted and we uncovered the truth! The ex-husband was working a full-time job, living comfortably and it appeared that he had no injury that would prevent him from working and providing support for the family he abandoned. Evidence was obtained and submitted to her lawyer. 


private detectives denver coA dedicated wife and mother feared that her husband was cheating on her. The team learned that the man was going to be staying at the Broadmoor Luxury Hotel in Colorado Springs. The man and his “girlfriend” were located, surveillance was conducted, and the adulterous husband was exposed. This man and his new girlfriend were so afraid of getting caught, they would literally ride the elevators up and down just to change clothing in an attempt not be recognized. They would, at times, take different elevators and stairwells separately and then meet up in another location together. Our P.I.’s, with covert surveillance cameras and unparalleled skills, were able to keep track of the couple and report all the information back to the client so she could make her own decision regarding the future of the marriage.


The snippets above are just the tip of the iceberg from the multitude of examples we can give you. We have the experience and knowledge in Cheating Spouse Investigations, Infidelity Investigations, Workers’ Compensation Investigations, Family and Child Custody Investigations, Interviews and Statements, Criminal and Civil Investigations, Locate Missing Persons Investigations, Workplace Infiltration, Surveillance, and Much More.

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