Locate Missing Persons

Missing Person Investigations

Law Enforcement must operate under a strict set of laws regarding missing persons and sometimes, people are not even considered missing at all. We can help locate:

  • Lost Loved Ones
  • Fugitives
  • Debtors
  • Cold Cases Victims
  • Kidnapping Victims
  • Homicide Victims
  • Runaways

Our Affirm P.I.’s can investigate many types of missing person cases. We can work with law enforcement or independently. Many times, people are more comfortable talking to one of our Private Detectives instead of the police.

Don’t wait, let a Professional and Experienced Private Investigator help you!

At Affirm Investigations, we take missing person cases very serious! There are some immediate steps that you can take to increase the chances your loved one can be found quickly and safely, including–contacting law enforcement, conducting social media outreach, contacting family and friends, and hiring a Cheyenne and Greeley area Private Detective.

In the event you find yourself in a position of needing to locate someone, such as a lost relative, evader, or person of interest, you need look no further. Our Private Investigators possess the expertise required to provide the results you seek quickly and efficiently.

Our Colorado Private Investigators and Cheyenne Private Investigators can start to look for your loved one quickly as this limits the distance they can travel and clues are fresh.

From surveillance and interviews, to searching hospitals and mortuaries, our P.I.’s are resourceful and committed to finding the person you are looking for.

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