How to Choose

Choosing the right Colorado private or Wyoming private investigator doesn’t have to be a difficult and stressful undertaking. In fact, you are reading this now because you already know that you need a private investigator, but you may be unsure of how we can help you.

Experience & Dedication

Our Wyoming and Colorado private investigators have the experience and tireless dedication to assist you in any kind of investigation and investigative service you may need. Our Cheyenne and Greeley area private investigators are accomplished and determined in our many areas of investigative services. Our knowledgeable and professional private detectives are trained to discreetly gather the necessary evidence in all types of cases.


In our ever-changing technological world, our PI’s are skilled in the use of the latest technology to obtain information that may otherwise be hidden. With our private investigators living throughout Colorado and Wyoming, we conduct all types of investigations, such as: sexual abuse, death, surveillance, cheating spouse and infidelity, child custody and family, missing persons, criminal and civil, workers’ compensation and fraud, employee theft, interviews and statements, difficult process serves and more.


Our rates vary based on several different considerations: type of service, location, and duration.

Once your needs are determined, one of our P.I.’s will go over pricing with you. 

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Contact us with a free and confidential consultation. One of our private investigators will listen, review your case, and set up a plan to assist you in the investigative services process. 

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