Interviews & Statements

Obtaining Statements

Our Colorado Private Investigators and Cheyenne Private Investigators are seasoned interviewers and have extensive report writing experience. We obtain liability statements, witness statements, criminal and civil defense statements, person of interest statements, AOE/COE subrogation statements and more. All of our Private Investigators are trained in statement and interview techniques.

The Right to Knowledge

At Affirm Investigations, we believe you have a right to know the truth and we will help you uncover the facts and the truth of each case entrusted to us. We are able to gather evidence through the words and actions an individual provides during a statement and are skilled at verbal and non-verbal cues. In addition, the tone and manner in which they speak adds a volume of information to the investigation. Their reactions to each question, and the physical characteristics in how they present themselves, will provide critical details to the statement and interview. All of our interviews are recorded on audio. A video recorded interview is available upon your request.

Personalized Services

With your input and help, our Private Investigators will come up with questions necessary to provide the answers you seek. At Affirm Investigations, we are able to personalize the interview based on the type of investigation that is presented. Interviews are not science and that is why it is important that each interview is conducted with a personal touch. Learning about the person needing to be interviewed is essential and all too often, we only have a few minutes during the interview to gauge the type of person we are dealing with.

Interviews, Interrogations, and the Law

Our Wyoming & Colorado Private Investigators typically only conduct interviews and usually do not engage in interrogations. If an interrogation is required, we will need to know that information in advance. We will only provide the truth and the facts obtained during the course of the investigation and will adhere to state, local and federal laws.

If a follow-up investigation is required, our P.I.’s are ready to assist you with surveillance and other investigative services as needed. In addition, secondary interviews can can lead to further information not initially obtained.

All interviews are recorded. 

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