Employee Theft Investigations

Workplace Infiltration


Workplace theft is out of control. Drug and alcohol use within businesses is rampant among employees. The cost to businesses is in the millions due to theft, accidents and injuries. 

Preventing employee theft in the workplace should be a top priority for businesses. Our knowledgeable and covert Colorado Private Investigators can infiltrate your business and place the suspect under immediate surveillance.

If you suspect an employee of theft or drug use on the job, it is important that you begin the investigation as quickly as possible. There are many ways to investigate this type of crime and our skilled workplace investigators can adapt to any environment given to them.

During the investigation by our qualified Greeley and Denver Private Investigators, we can help establish confidentiality guidelines for your workplace and make it clear that employee records, reports from other employees, and evidence gathered, can only be shared with the investigative team, and any personnel that are authorized.

If any evidence is obtained, it will be up to you to decide the next course of action – from doing nothing to termination, to pursuing criminal and civil charges. Our workplace investigators will present evidence that is clear and convincing, so that you can defend your action if you have to. If the evidence is not clear and convincing, we will still report all findings for your review.

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