Child Custody & Family Investigations

Domestic Surveillance & Investigations

Factors the courts may consider during child custody hearings

  • Financial and Emotional Stability
  • Lifestyle and Schedules
  • Criminal Records
  • Current Criminal Activity
  • Evidence of Child Abuse or Neglect
  • History or Complaints of Violence
  • Evidence of Alcohol or Drug Abuse
  • Parenting Skills
  • Employment
  • Home Environment
  • Friends and Associates

An unfit parent can present themselves as a competent person when appearing before the court, concealing their unsuitable lifestyle.

Typically under these circumstances, parental testimony is not enough to ensure the placement of your child in your custody.

Divorce can be devastating, especially when there are Child Custody issues. When children are involved, things become even more complicated and parental emotions run high. Often times, there are claims of abuse and neglect and those accusations may determine which parent will retain custody and under what conditions another parent can visit with their child. In these situations, you need evidence to strengthen your case.

Depending on your Child Custody needs, our Child and Family Investigators use many investigative techniques to determine how a parent or guardian treats the child. Our Greeley and Cheyenne area Private Investigators can monitor activity using surveillance, and document any abuse or neglect our P.I.’s witness. We can obtain photos and video, and question potential witnesses or family members. At Affirm Investigations, we watch for alcohol and drug abuse, criminal activity, reckless driving, and any other activity that may be detrimental to the child. The evidence our Child and Family Private Investigators may gather could be the deciding factor in your case.

We understand how much your children mean to you. There is nothing more important than securing their safety and ensuring they receive the financial support, proper care and loving attention they deserve.

Our experienced, knowledgeable, and affordable Greeley & Wyoming Private Investigators can be essential to the investigation. At Affirm Investigations, the objective and truthful testimony of a Colorado Private Detective or Wyoming Private Investigator will typically have more authority in court than a parent’s accusations.

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